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    Seven Points Of Reliability At L'ecrin Boutique

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An overwhelming aura in a delicate form
"The charm of the mini size Kelly".

The most iconic Hermès Kelly bag.
With the popularity of mini bags in recent years, the mini size Kelly, which is particularly small among the Kellys, has been attracting attention as easy to coordinate with accessories.

We will look at the charm of the mini size Kelly, which shines not only for daily use but also for special occasions such as parties and ceremonies.

The Kelly bag, which has captivated women around the world with its ultimate beautiful form that is flawless from every angle, is now available in a luxurious mini size.
The presence of overwhelming beauty in spite of its small size is only possible with the Kelly collection, which has always been an eternal admirer.

From left to right: Kelly Mini, Pochette Kelly, Kelly Dance

It has a large gusset and even with its small form. Apart from that,it has a good amount of storage capacity. It is also attractive in that it can hold what you really need, such as a smartphone, lipstick, handkerchief, and hand mirror.

Kelly Mini


Accompanied by the original Hermes :
Shoulder strap,Box,Cotton bag

The iconic form of the Kelly is retained, but the elaborate construction of the Kelly Mini is overwhelmingly elegant and charming in perfect balance.

Like the regular Kelly, it comes with a shoulder strap, so it can be worn on the shoulder or across the body, depending on your style and mood.

Kelly Pochette


Accompanied by the original Hermes :
Box,Cotton bag

The Pochette Kelly is a mini-sized bag that will add an elegant finishing touch to your outfits.
The Pochette Kelly is a sophisticated bag that inherits the traditional design of the Kelly, but with an even more refined appearance.

The handle slides easily into place and can be carried like a clutch bag depending on the occasion. The wide inner pocket will be useful for organizing important small items.
It has a classy appearance that is perfect for special occasions.

Kelly Dance


Accompanied by the original Hermes :
Shoulder strap, Detachable Leather board, Box,Cotton bag

Kellydance is a 5-way bag that can be arranged in any way you like. The straps can be looped through the metal fittings to create a shoulder bag.
Or double the strap to make it a bum bag or handbag. Or, cross the straps to make it a backpack. If you want to carry it simply, remove the straps and it works great as a clutch bag!

"A multi-functional 5-way bag" that perfectly matches your unique lifestyle. Why don't you enjoy coordinating your look freely with the way you carry it according to your mood and scene?


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