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  • Seven Points Of Reliability At L'ecrin Boutique
    Seven Points Of Reliability At L'ecrin Boutique

    Expanding the Hermes specialized boutiques to Tokyo and Singapore by Maison L’ecrin group.

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Inviting a happy atmosphere
Hermes Cheerful Color!

The warm weather of spring fills our bodies and minds with positive power.

We would like to introduce Hermes' Cheerful Colors, perfect for this season when you want to go out in a bright and sunny outfit.

Enjoy the vibrant colors that will further enhance your happy mood and make your spring fashion exciting!

Orange cheers up everyday life with its sunny and energetic "Fue," "Capucine," which is derived from the flower of the almond lentil, and "Orange Poppy," which is reminiscent of the gentle and pretty poppies.

The vibrant hues induce a happy mood just by looking at them, making your outfits look even more positive.

The romantic Hermès pink that makes our hearts flutter at any moment.

From the immensely popular Hermes signature color Pink, to the light and flirty Rose Confetti, to the lovely flower-inspired Mauve Sylvestre, these graceful shades create a mature femininity.

Vivid pinks with a strong presence, such as "Rose Mexico," which will captivate you with its passionate expression, "Rose Shocking," which will stimulate your playful spirit with its bold coloring, and "Framboise," which will add a charming color to your coordination, will add a gorgeous accent to your outfit.

Green, with its spring-like freshness, is the color to watch for in the coming season. From the fresh buds of "Jaune Bourgeon" to the sublime "Vert Criquet," these radiant light greens will instantly put you in spring mode!

There is also a rich lineup of vivid greens that add fresh color to adult outfits. As the name suggests, "Menthe," with its refreshing hue, and "Vert Jade," a deep green with a touch of elegance, will update your outfits with a seasonal look.

Hermes Red, full of passionate power, will energize your spirit just by holding it.

Awakening reds such as the dramatic Rouge Coeur" that will make your heart flutter, the nuanced red "Rose Texas" that gives you a natural warmth, and "Bougainvillier" that will make you feel more active, will encourage you to feel positive.

With the most flamboyant and elegant Hermes Cheerful Color in your hands, the atmostphere around you will be filled with a happy mood!


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