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Seven Points Of Reliability At L'ecrin Boutique Seven Points Of Reliability At L'ecrin Boutique
Expanding the Hermes specialized boutiques to Tokyo and Singapore by Maison L’ecrin group. >details

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Hermes 2017 Collection [Object Sense]

Hermes 2017 Collection [Object Sense]

The theme for Hermès’ 2017 collection is “Object Sense.”

It dwells a meaning in all senses of objects- such as the passion of the craftsman, or the thought of the owner, even the functionality of the object, amidst the generation of constant changes.

The motifs in which was chosen in the collection from the diverse selections are; “Breeze,” “Mystic Sea,” “On a Summer Day,” and “Asphalte.”
The rose color that “extremely goes beyond” the concept of pink,
and the green that “dazzles your mind”.

Along with Hermès aesthetics and one-of-a-kind traditions and cultures that it has preserved and developed over the past decades, new enthusiasm will be infused into an exciting and unique image that cannot be expressed with words alone.

SS Color Collection New Color
Blue zanzibar
Blue zephyr
SS Model Collection New Model
Constance mini Imprime on a summer day Black Sombrero leather Silver hardware

AW Color Collection New Color
Rose extreme
Rose purple
Gris asphalt
Vert vertigo


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