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Seven Points Of Reliability At L'ecrin Boutique Seven Points Of Reliability At L'ecrin Boutique
Expanding the Hermes specialized boutiques to Tokyo and Singapore by Maison L’ecrin group. >details

L'ecrin Boutique Singapore


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【NOTE】We would like you to enjoy a pleasant shopping experience. Kindly read and understand the below content prior to ordering your products.

About Our Products/Services

Products handled by Maison L'ecrin Singapore Pte. Ltd. are all brand new products. We do not provide any law-breaking products such as copied products and or any other illegal products.
We also do not provide any “Shooting Star marked” products, used products/ recycled products/ B-rate products/ failed defective products as well as any factory products.

All items are could also be displayed at L’ecrin Boutique in Singapore as well as on other online boutiques managed by Maison L’ecrin Singapore Pte. Ltd.; therefore, the items could be sold out.
Services provided on the L'ecrin Online Boutique including settlement methods are exclusive to the online boutique and do not correspond to L'ecrin boutique in Singapore.
There may be a slight variance in coloring and texture of the images posted on the L'ecrin Online Boutique from the actual products caused by several factors. These include the lighting and devices used at the time of the photo shoot and the equipment utilized by the customer to view our product.
Size indication includes actual measurement values so there may be certain margins of error. Also, although we deliver the most accurate and the latest information to the best of our knowledge, we cannot insure complete perfection and accuracy on descriptions regarding color/ material and other information on the website.
Since leather goods of Hermes are manufactured to maximize the characteristics of each leather, there is a variance in texture between the products. Accordingly, there may be differences between a product displayed on our website and an actual product. We do not guarantee the delivery of a product completely the same as that displayed on the website.

Regarding Accessories

All bags are accompanied by the original Hermes cotton bag/ box.
All smaller leather items/ accessories are accompanied by the original Hermes box.

Depending on the product, these accessories may differ. Please view the individual pages for each product for details.

Repair Services

All Hermes products are provided with an after care service with Hermes boutique such as repairs.
There may be instances where the items cannot be administered due to repair situations which lack of repair parts inventory within Hermes, conditions of the product and other circumstances.
Please feel free to contact us regarding handling methods on a purchased product at L'ecrin boutique.
“L'ecrin Boutique Singapore”is not a boutique directly managed by Hermes.

Regarding The “WARRANTY”

Hermes boutiques do not produce a “warranty” ; likewise Maison L'ecrin Singapore Pte. Ltd. will not produce such documents also.

Return Policy

We do not accept any exchanges or returns requested due to a reason attributable to our customer.
Please refer to the instruction below designating in advance the cases when an exchange or return can be accepted.

Please take note of the cases when exchanges are acceptable.
Although we pay close attention to the quality of our products, we will respond by accepting an exchange only for the following cases as determined at our discretion. In such cases, the shipment fees for the return and redelivery for the exchange shall be borne by our Company. We shall not accept an exchange in case of a loss, damage, defacement, etc., or shortage of any accessory or enclosure, or if there is evidence of use.

・Delivery of a defective product.
・Damage or defacement of a product due to an accident that occurred during shipment.
・Delivery of a product different from that ordered (but not including cases of delivery of a product that is different from what an Orderer intended or expected it to be).

Please note the period when exchanges are acceptable.
We may accept an exchange only if we are notified thereof via e-mail within three (3) days including the day of receipt of the product. If we are not notified within such three (3)-day period, then you shall be deemed to have confirmed that such product is free from any problem, and we shall not accept any return or exchange of the product thereafter.

Please take note of cases when returns are acceptable
We will respond by accepting a return in cases where the provision of an exchange is acceptable as provided above but such is not possible due to a reason attributable to our Company. In such cases, the shipment fees for such return shall be borne by our Company.

Please refer here for more details on exchanges and returns.

Domestic orders

Bank wire transfer (For online orders)
Credit card (In-store)
Free domestic delivery

【Domestic shipping】For free.

International orders

Bank wire transfer only

Return and exchanges

We do not accept any exchanges or returns of goods requested due to reasons attributable to our customer.
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